As Edna Turnblad in Hairspray:


  • "And then there was Drew Helton. I’ve seen Drew before and he’s always been very funny. But you can tell that over the last year - since Anything Goes - something has clicked for him that has propelled him to another level. His “Edna” was not just the typical “man in drag, haha” kind of performance. There were many times that I completely forgot that he was not a woman. His subtle mannerisms, the way he held his dress, his facial expressions … they all came together. When he danced in “Welcome to the 60s” in those red high heels, I felt like giving a standing ovation. It was spectacular. And then his duet with (Casey) Jordan in “Timeless to Me” was sweet, funny, and touching. I loved loved loved loved loved his take on Edna." - Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Cirtic


  • ​"Drew Helton equally shines as Edna, Tracy’s plain-spoken mother notably self-conscious about her weight. Exuding convincing femininity in drag, the hilarious Helton conveys a sweet sensitivity that humorously evaporates whenever his voice dips into a threatening lower register. ...They particularly interpret “Timeless to Me” beyond mere clowning to impressively depict a genuine reflection of an affectionate, enduring love between a man and a woman." - Russell Florence, Jr, Dayton Most Metro


As Motel Kamzoil in Fiddler on the Roof:


  • "Helton...possessing geeky charm and finding delicious nuances in the script as timid tailor Motel, notably delivers a bubbly, lyric-fueled “Miracle of Miracles” simultaneously warming the heart of Zavakos and the audience."  -Russell Florence, Jr., Dayton Most Metro


  • "Certainly, Drew Helton was a standout in his performance as Motel the tailor. Helton gave a convincing performance as the tailor that lacks the confidence to stare love in the face and ask for Tevye’s permission to marry Tzeitel. Helton pulls you in and makes the audience root for him as he finally makes his move."    -Brian P. Sharp, Dayton City Paper


As Moritz Steifel in Spring Awakening:


  • "Drew Helton, splendid and heartbreaking... Helton uniquely interprets Moritz with a stutter, a decision that generates more empathy for the character and reiterates his peculiarities. Helton is also in terrific voice, particularly in the frenzied “Don’t Do Sadness”  - Russell Florence, Jr., Dayton Most Metro


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